Unlock Your Metabolic Health.

Get real-time, actionable insights on diet and lifestyle using biosensors. Never ask "what should I eat?" again.

Never Diet Again. Gain Insight Through Personalized Data.

Only make decisions custom to you via real-time biosensors.

How it Works

Step 1:

You are onboarded and shipped a welcome package with your biosensors that our team helps you apply.

Step 2:

Connect your biosensor to the Theia App to get a real-time stream of your body's health and start putting in activities.

Step 3:

Visually see the impact of diet/lifestyle choices and

What Is A Biosensor?

Theia uses continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) which are small devices that stays on the back of your arm and track your glucose values 24/7. This can be correlated to:

  • Glucose response to meals
  • Fasting and meal timing
  • Physical activity and exercise routines
  • Stress and sleep
  • Habits and routines

The Easiest System to Optimize Health

One daily score and one score per activity. That's it.

Ai & Human Supported Reports & Prompts

Your body's data with your inputs become your real-life personal health assistant. Ai learns while humans are always there to support.

What our Members Have to Say.

Choose the plan that's right for you

One step away from better health

All plans Include:

1 Year Theia Membership

Doctors Prescription

Ai & Human Reviewed Reports

Additional Sensors at $75/ea

CGM with Kel Program

Learn from the master, guided program with Kel.

  • Everything in basic
  • 4 wk holistic WELLNESS program
  • 24/7 support from Kel & her CGM team
  • Weekly education curated by Kel (31 years of type 1 diabetes experience) to get the most out of your data & insights
  • Bi-weekly group wellness/nutrition call


starts 2/1/2023

enrollment deadline 1/25/2023

Basic CGM

Learn the basics of how to treat your health.

  • 2x CGMs
  • Basic Weekly Insights and Recommendations
  • 1 month of Kel's Community/Membership


start anytime

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